Patient Information

Booking Appointments

Appointments for consultations and/or diagnostic tests require a referral from your general practitioner or medical specialist.

Appointments can be made by contacting any of our clinics.

Our staff will contact you a week prior to your appointment to confirm your attendance.

Western Sleep and Breathing Clinic does not currently charge a fee for late cancellations or failure to attend appointments however we request at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment to allow us to re-allocate your appointment time.


Initial Consultation    $200 (Medicare rebate $125.90 *) 
Review Consultation   $100 (Medicare rebate $63.10 *)
Prolonged Initial Consultation   $280 (Medicare rebate $220.15 *)
Prolonged Review Consultation   $140 (Medicare rebate $110.25 *)
Lung Function Tests   Bulk Billed **
Overnight Oximetry   $100 (no Medicare rebate)
*     refer to Medicare Australia for eligibility to Medicare rebate
**     may be applicable for eligible patients

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your allocated appointment time.
A valid referral is required to be seen by a medical specialist.
Bring any chest x-rays, previous lung function test results or sleep studies.

Lung Function Tests (LFTs)

LFTs refer to a series of tests to measure how your lungs are functioning and are important in the evaluation for any lung condition. The tests generally take 15-45 minutes and are conducted by a trained respiratory scientist who will ask you to perform a number of breathing manoeuvres. Therefore you will need to be able to follow commands.
The following medications should be avoided within 4 hours of your test – ventolin, bricanyl, asmol, atrovent
The following medications should be avoided within 12 hours of your test – seretide, symbicort, flixotide, pulmicort, alvesco, oxis, servent.
The following medications should be avoided within 24 hours of your test – spiriva, tilade.

Overnight Oximetry

This is a simple (and relatively inexpensive) study to investigate for severe obstructive sleep apnoea in an individual who is highly likely to have this condition. The test involves taking a oxygen measuring device home. This device measures oxygen levels continuously through the study and can determine if there are frequent drops in oxygen levels which may suggest sleep apnoea. A negative study requires further investigation with an in laboratory sleep study.

Sleep Studies

Western Sleep and Breathing Specialists have access to referring for a range of hospital and home based sleep studies through both the private and public systems. There are specific indications for these types of studies and it is recommended that a sleep physician conducts an assessment prior to referring. A referral for the wrong type of study can result in excess expense and inappropriate decisions (and cost) with therapy.
Hospital based sleep studies are the gold standard in diagnostic testing. Home based studies should be avoided unless suspicion for severe sleep apnoea is high. A negative home based sleep study will generally need to be followed up by a hospital based study.


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